Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? By Agatha Christie

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? By Agatha Christie

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? by Agatha Christie

Genre: Mystery | Fiction | Crime | Classics

Pages: 361

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Bobby Jones discovers the crumpled body of a dying man who’s last words are Why didn’t they ask Evans? Haunted by these words, Bobby sets out to solve a mystery that brings him into mortal danger.

As I’ve mentioned before, Agatha Christie is one of my go-to authors when I want to read something ‘comforting’. For me this book isn’t up there with my favourite Christie novels. I feel that it started off quite slowly, I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about the characters…At first Bobby and Dr Thomas came across as a little ‘uppity’. But I guess I just wanted to get straight into the investigating!

Once Bobby and his friend Frankie got into the nitty gritty of investigation, that’s when this book grabbed my attention and I seemed to fly through it. Still not one of my favourites though; I’m more of a Miss Marple kinda gal.

Towards the end, this book kind of messed with my mind. The characters I came across who I found that I liked, turned out to be nasty pieces of work. The characters who came across as creepy and suspicious were totally innocent bystanders in the whole thing. And when it came down to the ultimate question of “why didn’t they ask Evans?”, the answer was so simple. To me it suddenly seemed totally unnecessary to have all of the other characters involved, and to be flitting from Wales to England and back. But then, if none of that had happened, we wouldn’t have much of a story, would we? 🤔

I rated this book 3 hearts due to the slow start and at first intolerable characters. However, this is Christie’s work, and I will forever be a fan ❤️

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